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Pokemon Movie 8 - Lucario and The Mystery of Mew

Hundreds of years ago, there was a large battle between Pokémon parties: Red and Green. In the present, in a small town named Rota, a yearly celebration is held commemorating this great battle. Ash, May, Brock and Max happen to come to this town during this time, and participate in a battle to decide who will be the "Hero of the Year." Ash and Pikachu win, but Mew snatches Pikachu and takes him to a mysterious tree-like structure, from which point the adventure unfolds.
History of Pokémon
In the world as is known, it is covered with over 350 different types of Pokémon, all branching down to one origin: Mew. People have learnt to bond with Pokémon and train them to develop their abilities further - these are called "trainers". One particular trainer, Ash, has traveled four regions and is now working towards winning the Battle Frontier. Along with his friends Brock, May, and Max, Ash has had many adventures, the following of which will be in a far away place.
A long time ago, in a land far away
Fog descends over the land of Cameran, as Lucario jumps from boulder to boulder to a spot overseeing a wide expansive valley. Nobody is there yet, but he senses something, enticing him to close his eyes, seeing the world's Wave Energy shaping the landscape. He is able to let his sight travel about, going over more rocks and hills until he sees a large formation of a gigantic Pokémon army mixed with human foot soldiers charging towards the middle of the valley, an army wearing red armor. He looks to the other side of the valley, doing the same, and seeing an equally gigantic army, with equally powerful, but different, Pokémon charging to the same destination, the army wearing green armor. As Lucario comprehends the meaning of the event, Ho-Oh flies overhead. Soon enough, three Houndoom from the red army arrive at the scene, which Lucario evades by heading to a crystal formation on the ground, touching it. He speaks through the crystal to his master, Sir Aaron, an Aura Guardian, who is at Cameran Palace. Aaron stands upon a balcony with Queen Rin that overlooks the entire land, and he hears Lucario's voice coming from another crystal formation on the balcony. It seems the palace is in imminent danger of being overrun; peace cannot be brought to the two warring sides.
While Lucario is waiting, the three Houndoom from the red army find the unsuspecting Pokémon and attack him. Lucario narrowly dodges them and runs off, the three canines following. After cornering Lucario, he is left no choice but to fight back. The lead Houndoom strikes him with Iron Tail, and Lucario is blinded. Using his Aura to sense his surroundings, he leaps into the air, landing in the center of the three. He handles the other two pursuers with ease, and blasts the lead one with another Aura Sphere.
Knowing that Aaron must leave, Rin explains she is obliged as queen to share the same fate as the castle. After their last exchange of words, Aaron hops a ride on his Pidgeot to the valley. But it appears that Aaron is not going to have an easy time getting to Lucario, with a group of Skarmory from the green army attacking Pidgeot. Fortunately for him, the steel birds only manage a few attacks before Aaron swoops down to find Lucario. Aaron tells Lucario that he has abandoned the palace and the Queen and won't be returning. Lucario cannot believe what he is hearing and implores him to wait, but Aaron throws his scepter, turning Lucario into energy and drawing him into the jewel at the top before leaving. Lucario can see from the jewel Aaron going off, and has only one thought... "Why master? Why?".
Rin observes from afar that the Tree of Beginning is suffering from the hazard. The two armies meet in the middle of the valley and begin their battle. Outside of the tree, Pidgeot flies away alone. With this, Ho-Oh returns to the Tree of the World's Beginning, revealing itself to be Mew.
Pidgeot approaches Rin with the scepter in its beak, which she then accepts. Suddenly, Rin witnesses the sight of the tree starting to glow green, and soon every crystal formation throughout the land emits a beam of green light. As the light spreads further out, the armies stop their battle, in awe of the event that is taking place.
Present Day
And with that, a mother reads the story to her daughter. According to the legend, Queen Rin believed Aaron to be the hero who had used the power Tree of Beginning, where Mew is said to live. The two armies stopped their fighting, their hatred replaced with understanding and returned to their lands and peace was restored. Aaron became known as the True Guardian of Aura, without whom peace would have not been restored. To this day, the legend is commemorated every year in the town of Rota and the exact same Cameran Palace.
Ash and company walk along a bridge to Cameron Palace, they are dressed in their regular clothes while the others are in renaissance outfits. Meanwhile, a Taillow overhead lands on a window of the Palace, turning into a Pichu. In another room, Ash and company find a costume closet and decide to dress more appropriately. Ash wants a hero outfit and begins looking for one with the others find what they want. While they look for a costume, Pikachu notices a Pichu who hides behind the window curtains. It transforms into a Treecko and it walks out through the window before anyone can notice. May pops out first in a pink dress with a small pair of Beautifly wings on the back. She asks Pikachu what it thinks, Pikachu happily giving approval. Brock comes out wearing a clerical outfit while Max in a bard outfit. Ash lastly shows up in a hero's outfit, complete with a cape and a hat. They all look at Pikachu with silly grins, and soon dress it up in a cute jester-like clothes. They hurry onto the upcoming tournament that's about to happen. Just as they go out, Jessie, James and Meowth find their way into the closet, and Jessie finds a outfit really fast.
Before the tournament begins Queen Ilene, the ruler of the palace along with her maid Jenny and her Pokémon Mime Jr., steps out to the royal box seat to officially begin the tournament. The first match is Ash against a trainer with a Breloom. He uses Pikachu. The battle ends rather quickly as Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, taking the chance while its opponent is stunned to tackle it, finishing it off with Iron Tail. During the tournament, the Treecko finds its way to the royal box seat and changes into a Mime Jr. Then at another point, Jenny sees the two Mime Jr., one of them turning into Aipom. Other battles pursue after that until things whittle away to the finals: Ash versus a trainer covered in a full knight armor. Ash uses Pikachu once more in the match, the trainer sends out a Weavile. At first the Weavile throws a Shadow Ball towards Pikachu, which it stops by using Thunderbolt. Pikachu continues on to shocking Weavile until the whole battleground goes up in smoke, Pikachu being the victor.
At the end of the match, the Aipom goes off to Pikachu in the battlefield, celebrating its victory. Ash goes up to the trainer to thank him for a great battle. The trainer takes off the helmet and to Ash's surprise, as well as May, the trainer is actually a girl! She introduces herself as Kidd. May notices Brock and Max are missing, only to find them down there, where Brock tries to flirt with Kidd, but Max pulls on his ear to drag him away. At the moment, Ilene announces that there will be a ball and banquet in honor of the "True Guardian of the Aura".
Ash is presented to sit in a throne overlook the ballroom. Ilene presents Ash with Aaron's sceptre, a sort of symbol of the honored Aura Guardian. As the sceptre is being presented, Jessie and James sneak around in the crowd. Ash takes a look at the Jewel at the end, and sudden he hears a voice crying "Why?". Ash is a bit confused, he asked if someone else heard it, but nobody did. Shrugging it off, the ball soon goes underway. May finds herself dancing with one of the guests, Freddy. In the corner, Brock nervously asks Kidd to dance, she accepts to it, but Brock still finds his nervousness uncontrollable. Max is at the table where the food is, helping himself to some of the delicious food. Aipom and Pikachu also dance about in the corner. Seeing his Pikachu dancing, Ash decides to release his other Pokémon so they can enjoy themselves at the party, May also does the same.
With the new company, Aipom takes the Pokémon posse about through the castle. Meowth, who's helping himself to some food underneath the table, hears them and decides to follow them. Just as he gets close to a door the Pokémon group goes through, Grovyle slams it shut behind him, sending Meowth to a nearby fireplace pit. Aipom directs the Pokémon to the attic.
Up on the attic, Aipom shows the Pokémon around to a few toys and plays around with them. Squirtle and Corphish look at the upper level of the attic to find a wooden train set. They stroll down to the first floor, taking Grovyle and Pikachu with them, going around until they hit a shelf full of bouncing rubber balls. The Pokémon find amusement with that as they bounce around on top and roll them about. After a bit, Aipom transforms into Pikachu and begins dancing with Ash's Pikachu.
Kidd pauses from dancing with Brock, asking if he could get a drink. Brock goes off to get one immediately, and when he's gone, Kidd slips away into the same direction the Pokémon went off to. She quickly slips out of her costume, sporting a pink-purplish wetsuit like outfit. She makes her way outside from the window, Meowth noticing and follows. She climbs up to the rooftop before shooting a grappling rod to a tower across the castle grounds. Getting a good grip, she jumps off from one roof to the next. Meowth only goes so far, before he slips down the sloped rooftop. His tail grabs a hold of a decorative steeple rod, but finds himself swinging down, crashing into a window on the lower floor.
Ash sits upon the throne looking a bit bored. For a while he looks at a huge tapestry of Aaron on the wall next to him, then he looks back down at the ballroom. Ash asks if he could get some food but Jenny keeps him down on the throne, telling him to act like a hero. Jessie and James are trying to blend in by dancing about, but soon they switch partners with May and Freddy. Jessie finds Freddy cute and dances wildly (but still in the same fashion as everyone else) with him in excitement. James on the other hand is trying to keep his face away from looking at May directly. Max notices the Pokémon are missing, until Munchlax comes back to nab a plate of fruit and goes back upstairs with it. Max follows Munchlax to the top.
Kidd manages to get to a good vantage point on the roof where she can see through the broken glass Meowth made. She sees Mew, putting on a pair of special glasses and begins reporting information to her contact, Banks. It's relayed from a Humvee parked someways away from the Palace, all the way to a satellite orbiting space down to a tall building in the middle of a city. It seems that Kidd is connected to a large organization and they seem to want some information about Mew and the Tree of Beginning.
In the attic, the other Pikachu transforms into Mew, looking at Meowth to see if he's alright. Taking this chance, Kidd sends out two Weavile, and orders them to place a tracking device on Mew. Both of them jump into the broken window and begin a swift attack at Mew. Mew dodges their assaults easily. In attempt to stop Mew, both of them use Blizzard just as Mew flies towards the door. At the same moment, Munchlax comes into the room and finds itself frozen in a block of ice. The door also freezes at its hinges and cracks. Just when Max gets there, he finds the door hard to open. Mew is soon held down though, and just when one of the Weavile is about to attach the tracker on Mew, Pikachu fries the Pokémon with a Thunderbolt. Mew escapes to Pikachu, but the Weavile try another Blizzard attack. Both Mew and Pikachu dodge, the attack hitting the other Pokémon, freezing them. Mew then flies over towards Meowth who's at a corner, and transforms into a Meowth. Mew switches itself and Meowth around to confuse the Weavile, but Meowth speaks and ruins the plan. Both the Weavile laugh, both soon throwing a Shadow Ball at them. Pikachu intervenes by throwing a Thunder at the two balls. After a battle of wills, the Shadow Balls are destroyed, but Pikachu is left exhausted and weakened from the explosion.
Kidd notices this and figures that the plan didn't go so well as expected. With Pikachu fainted and the other Pokémon frozen, both Mew and Meowth are on their own. Mew transforms back to its original self. Max finally gets the door open, but only a crack as he watches what goes on. He sees Mew, and is unable to believe he's seeing the New Species Pokémon in front of him. But soon Mew teleports before the Weavile can do anything else. The three teleport to one of the tower's steeples, Meowth slipping before Mew transforms into a Pidgeot and flies off, towards the Tree of Beginning. Kidd sighs at the slight setback, as her two embarrassed Weavile return from their botched mission.
Back at the ball, Brock walks to where Kidd was with two drinks, but sees that she's not there. May is wondering why her dancing partner James isn't looking at her. But it seemed he was saved from blowing his cover when Irene announced the next step in the ceremony. Jenny tells Ash to stand up and do the hero's pose. Ash's confused but Jenny points to the painting of Aaron, holding the scepter up above his head. Ash stands up and copies the pose. A certain point in the jewel allows Lucario to see, once again Ash hears a voice crying out "You're alive?". Again the voice speaks, and soon the jewel glows, releasing Lucario at the other end of the front of the ballroom. Lucario, still blinded from the attack from the Houndoom during the great battle, is using Aura to see and mistakes Ash's form with Aaron's, who looks strikingly the same. Lucario pounces up to Ash, kneeling down, that is until Ash spoke that he was the wrong guy. Lucario, surprised, finally is able to open it's eyes to see that it was not Aaron, but Ash he was standing in front of. Lucario becomes confused at what is going on, seeing the many people and a Aaron impersonator. But it was the same castle, and he had to make sure. Lucario soon escapes through the crowd of people, running around through the castle. He sees that it has changed, and memories of him and Aaron soon start replaying in his mind as he walks about.
Lucario stops at a display room, which he remembers it to be a bedroom. Ash, May, Brock, Ilene and Jenny confront Lucario in the room. Looking at Ilene, Lucario mistakes her for Rin and is glad to see her. Ilene says to Lucario that she is the descendant of Rin, the Queen who was reigning at the castle during his time. She goes on to explain that the memories that seem to him like yesterday, are in fact ancient events. At his shock, Ilene walks up to Lucario and gives him a reassuring hug.
At the Tree of Beginning, Mew looks after Pikachu, who is resting in a bed of leaves. Meowth seems to understand what Mew is up to, seeing a large pile of toys that it has gathered. Meowth starts to enjoy the simpler but far more relaxing life while Pikachu recovers.
They retire to the throne room for now. Ash wonders what other person Lucario could mistaken him for, Ilene explains to Ash and company the story of Aaron and Lucario. Possibly because Ash looks exactly like Aaron in Lucario's vision. Jessie and James overhear from a balcony above, Jessie wanting to capture Lucario. Just then, Max runs into the room, exclaiming he just saw Mew getting attacked, and it took Pikachu and Meowth somewhere. Jessie and James also just realize Meowth is missing. Although at first everyone does not believe him, Kidd comes out of the same door, confirming what Max saw. She also says that she saw Mew transform into a Pidgeot and took them away to the Tree of Beginning. Ash asks what that is, so Ilene takes them out to the balcony overlooking the land. In the middle of the horizon stood a large tree. Ilene explains that the tree is actually a unique rock formation, and supposedly possesses healing powers beyond imagination. It can revive the earth and soothe angry hearts, although it requires Mew, one of the earliest Pokémon known to exist. Ash decides the only way to get Pikachu back is to go over there himself. At Ilene's request, Lucario agrees to accompany the group in their quest.
At that Kidd comes out in her outfit, saying that she wants to go too. Brock knows exactly who Kidd is now. He takes out his book of women he likes and then shows them - Kidd Summers. She has been on a lot of major adventure fronts, including deep sea diving in a sub and space travel. Brock goes crazy about how much he wanted to meet her and how it has been an honor (Mime Jr. behind him mimics his actions). Kidd says that she is here for the adventure, and she has a Humvee that will get them there in no time.
That night Lucario enters the unlit ball room, seeing the two huge tapestries of Aaron. One with him doing the hero's pose, the other with him riding upon his Pidgeot. He senses something and jumps back, hanging upon the wall above the open door for a second before he jumps down upon Ash who entered. Ash fights him off, wondering what's with him. Lucario just feels a bit edgy, upset with the fact that his master Aaron had passed away.
The next day, Kidd takes Ash and company towards the Tree of Beginning, Lucario running up ahead while Ilene and Jenny stay behind at Cameran Castle. Jessie and James hitch a ride in the trunk.
Pikachu wakes up from a falling leaf, seeing that it's with Mew and Meowth. Mew is excited that Pikachu is awake and well, playing around with it for a moment. Meowth tries to relax against a part of the tree, but falls into a hole concealed to be a branch stump. Pikachu goes up to where the hole seemed to be, Mew just simply pokes its head in. Pikachu pokes its head in as well, seeing a long vertical tunnel with green bubbles coming up. Mew hops onto a bubble, followed by Pikachu. They ride the bubbles for a bit, Mew bumping into Pikachu to make its bubble bounce all over the tunnel. Pikachu falls off but soon grasps on to another one. Both Mew and Pikachu bump into Meowth, making him bounce around. At another branch stump up higher, the three Pokémon come out. They walk up to the edge of the land, seeing the magnificent landscape below them.
The crew takes a break for lunch. Lucario finds some berries while he sits upon a boulder. The gang sit is about to eat lunch, Brock passing out the plates to everyone one by one. He gets three passed out but when he reaches for the fourth one (for Kidd), a Bonsly takes it before he could get to it. Brock's confused for a second before he finds Bonsly below eating away at Kidd's lunch. Brock scolds the Pokémon for eating Kidd's lunch, but this only makes it cry. May and Max think Brock was too harsh, but the Bonsly runs away with the food. Lucario picks up the plate, offering Bonsly a berry instead. The Bonsly runs off behind a rock, peaking behind it once in a while.
They continue to travel down to the Tree of Beginning, but they stop once more. This time, the road is littered with geysers that are erupting and for a while. May notices something off to the side, a hot spring! They decide to stop until the eruptions subside and take a dip. Ash, Brock, Max, and their Pokémon, except Phanpy, take a swim in the hot spring. When May comes out of the Humvee from dressing, Bonsly drops upon her head from the roof. It looks like the little guy took a ride with them, so May decides to take it along. She tries to take Bonsly into the water, but the small Pokémon jumps out and hides behind Phanpy, Max commenting because its a Rock type. Lucario sits upon a rock, remember the time when Aaron took him here. Aaron decided to wade after traveling about. He told Lucario to put his feet in the water since it feels good. Lucario was a bit reluctant but he did so, smiling at how relaxing it was. The memory was interrupted when Ash told Lucario to jump in, but Lucario simply walks off, Ash a bit annoyed by his cold attitude. May notices a strange looking plant upon rocks, Ash says that he'll get it. Brock and Kidd watch as Ash climbs up the small cliff. As soon as he grabs it though, he slips and falls off. May catches the plant, which looks like a crystallized pod, while Ash plunges into the water. Seeing how it's possibly a fruit, they decided to plant it. But just before they do, the pod suddenly blooms and the area becomes somewhat holographic as they see a replay of Ash falling off the cliff as he was getting the plant. Kidd knows what it is, a Time Flower. She explains that it records events in time in the area it was planted and then it can replay the scene at a later time when activated.
Night falls as they travel, and they stop. They're rather close to the Tree, but it's best if they rest for now. Ash tells everyone the story of how he and Pikachu didn't get along very well when they first began their journey, however after being attacked by a flock of Spearow the two began to respect each other and became partners and best friends. Lucario suddenly walks away in disgust, and when confronted by Ash, Lucario tells him of his belief that humans and Pokémon could never be friends. Ash gets very angry at this, and asks Lucario why they should believe everything he says about Sir Aaron anyway. Lucario asks Ash how does he know Pikachu was kidnapped, maybe it just wanted to get away from a weak trainer. This pushes Ash over the edge and he tackles Lucario, both rolling down a ledge to a pond. The two thrash about in the pond, the others coming to try and stop the two from frighting. Lucario finally throws Ash out to the shore, jumping off to the top of the ledge. He storms off thinking that people are just cruel. It appears that Lucario is very upset with Aaron. Ash felt that he might have gone too far seeing Lucario walk away. Lucario finds a tree to lean upon, recalling another memory.
Aaron was demonstrating the ability to use Aura to see even while his eyes were covered. He dodged several logs as they swung back and forth towards him with ease. Lucario was learning this ability, and it would be his turn to do it. Lucario was nervous as he began dodging the logs, few missing by a hairpin, but he managed to pass the test. Just then, Max comes up and shows Lucario a bar of chocolate. He explains that it's a sweet snack and it's really good, breaking off a piece to give to Lucario. Lucario sniffs it and is a bit hesitant, but he sees Max eat and enjoy it. Lucario puts the bit into his mouth, enjoying it with a smile. However when Max catches that, Lucario tries to put on a stern face.
Later that night, Mew and Pikachu play about while Meowth sleeps. Mew continuously finds a few toys, taking out a party blower in the shape of a Shuckle and blows into it a couple of times, dropping it near Pikachu. Then it goes back to find a Hitmontop yo-yo and plays around with it. Pikachu smiles a bit, but it can't still help the feeling of being separated from Ash. (Mew wanted to play though)
Ash wakes up from his sleep, thinking he heard Pikachu's voice. He gets out of the Humvee the crew was sleeping in, noticing Lucario on a rock. Ash tries to help Lucario look on the bright side of things, telling the time when he first got Pikachu, standing in front of the Spearow as they came down to protect Pikachu. Ash tells Lucario that he and Pikachu are friends, as Lucario tells Ash that Aaron was his master. Lucario doesn't quite understand the concept of being alongside a human to be friends after all this time of being a servant of Aaron.
The next day, they travel down the path, soon coming up to a stop. Lucario stands looking up at a cliff, the others wondering what's going on. Lucario tells them this was the spot that Aaron sealed Lucario in his sceptre. He remembers it quite well, but Lucario kicks a Time Flower gently by accident and soon it replays the scene it has recorded. It's the same exact scene, when Lucario meets up with Aaron, where he renounces his loyalty to the Queen, throws his sceptre down and seals Lucario in the jewel. Then they watch Aaron fly off and gets shot. Suddenly from the two pathways on the road, the green army charges through the small pathway. Lucario appears horrified and begins throwing Aura Spheres at them, barely missing Ash. Ash tells Lucario to stop because they're only illusions. Lucario does stop, shocked to have seen that event happen. Ash comes up to Lucario, apologizing for his earlier words against him. Lucario accepts the apology, and makes Ash promise to never abandon Pikachu.
As they walk back to the Humvee, Lucario senses something. At the last second, he pushes himself and Ash out of the way just as Regirock digs its way from the ground. It turns over Kidd's humvee and begins using Hyper Beam upon the "intruders". Jessie and James are frightened at the sight of Regirock while it is preparing yet another attack. Lucario intervenes at the second Hyper Beam it fires, throwing an Energy sphere at the beam, exploding in the middle. Using this, Kidd finds a crevice to hide in. As they go, Lucario covers for them and keeps Regirock occupied before escaping into the crevice. Along the way Lucario tells them to make a turn at a tunnel. They follow the tunnel, and by now it seems as if they have lost Regirock. At the end of the tunnel, they come to a large cave of ancient Pokémon. Amongst a vast lake and field, lit by a giant crystal on the ceiling, are Omanyte, Omastar, Yanma, Armaldo, Altaria, and Nidoran. It appears they have made it into the tree, but now the only way to get to Pikachu is by going up. Ash goes on ahead to another tunnel, followed by Lucario. Kidd takes out her specs, relaying information back to the company. Banks tells here that the tree is designed with many tunnels that make a network like blood vessels. Energy can also be monitored. Kidd deploys out small helicopter gadgets to gather information about the Tree, then she follows Ash.
The probes that Kidd deployed attempt to take samples of the crystal that lie there. However, a red blob engulfs and eats them. Kidd gets a warning that the probes were rapidly being destroyed, and that a sort of immune system in the Tree has been activated, which seeks out and destroys intruders. Also, Registeel becomes aware of the intruders and starts hunting them also.
At the end of the next tunnel, Ash finds himself upon one of the "leaves" of the Tree. Ash runs up ahead once more, climbing up the leaf. He called out to Pikachu, who is a few leaves up higher (a long way up), Pikachu hears Ash and calls back, Ash and Pikachu know that they're nearby. As things seemed to turn for the better, Regice stands in front of Ash's path and begins firing a barrage of Ice Beams. Lucario jumps to stun the Legendary Pokémon while Ash gets away. He gets to the tunnel, telling the others they must find another way because Regice is up ahead. Lucario throws an Aura Sphere at it to stun it long enough to get away. They find another tunnel along the tunnel, finding themselves at the cliff of a large hollow cave, being a good ways above the ground. Blue crystal pillars stick out from wall to wall. Deciding where to go, Jessie and James find themselves in the same place, at a different entrance. They jump down to Ash and company, landing with a crash. Apparently Regirock and Registeel found them. Lucario pointed a way, across one of the blue pillars that ran like a bridge to another exit higher up. Jessie and James were the first two to run up, then the rest followed as Lucario covered their escape. Along the way, they ran into a narrow stone bridge, taking their time crossing it until the end. Jessie and James ran up way ahead. Lucario at the end of the line finds the Regis hot on their tail. He sends a Wave Energy Sphere to the bridge, destroying it before the Regis have a chance to cross.
As Jessie and James run up ahead, a red blob comes from the other side of the tunnel after them. It turns into a Cradily shape and swallows up Jessie. James tries to save her by sending out Cacnea, using Pin Missile. The attack doesn't do a thing, just passing through the blob as if it isn't there, and Jessie is eventually swallowed up. Another comes after James, who sends out Chimecho, telling it to save itself. Ash and company arrive only to see the event, wondering what's going on with this place. One more, in the shape of a Aerodactyl comes after them, but Lucario destroys it with his Aura Sphere. The gang are quickly on the run again, and Cacnea and Chimecho are left standing sad and confused over what happened to their trainer. Soon the red blob figures come from behind. The others try to find another way to get past them. One of them makes it through and almost catches Kidd, that is until Lucario gets in the way. It takes Lucario, but soon explodes off. Apparently the tree doesn't consider Pokémon hostile. Just when things also couldn't get any worse, the two Regis are once again behind their tails. As they run, they find a room with two tunnels. The group decides to split up so that at least one group will be safe from the Regis, and they'll meet up later. Ash and Lucario go in one group to lure the Regis away, while Brock, May, Max, and Kidd make the other group. The four take off in one path while Lucario and Ash take the other. Ash stays behind though so that he can get the Regis' attention once they've come. Using Grovyle and Corphish, he is able to slow them down briefly.
While the four travel through the Tree, the red blob strikes once more. This time, it takes Brock. Not wanting his Pokémon to go down with him, he releases Forretress and Mudkip. Max also gets caught, and May tries in vain to save her brother. After he is taken May hasn't time to mourn as she is taken as well, releasing Combusken, Munchlax and Squirtle before she is gone. Kidd, on the other hand, dodges two of them, managing to escape the blobs. The Pokémon are left behind, horrified by what's happened.
Lucario and Ash managed to lose the Regi's but they come up to a huge crevice with the crystal pillars coming out from side to side. Not only is it a long way down, but there's a very strong wind. On the other side, Pikachu, Mew, and Meowth come out from another tunnel. Ash, happy to see Pikachu, walks out on the pillars while Pikachu does the same. Pikachu has no problem hopping from pillar to pillar in the wind, but Ash occasionally slips, flying for a bit before grabbing a hold of one of the pillars. His hat also flies away, but Mew manages to catch it. He continues on, going low when the wind gets too strong. Both him and Pikachu meet in the middle, where they jump to meet. But they jump a little too short and fall down. In the nick of time, Kidd uses her grappling hook to swing across and grab Ash and Pikachu, heading to the tunnel where Lucario waits. Pikachu wonders who the new Pokémon is - Ash introduces Lucario to his friend and Pokémon, Pikachu. It seems Lucario is beginning to understand the deeper relationship that could be possible. Mew joins in, along with Meowth, Mew giving Ash his hat back. Now to get out.
While going through the tunnels, Ash and Meowth and horrified to learn their friends are gone when they come up across the red blobs once more. They find a branch off to another tunnel and go through it in hope to lose them, but they continue right behind them. The group comes to a room with large crystal formations. Lucario goes on ahead, but is ambushed by Registeel and Regirock. Registeel grabs him, giving the red blobs a chance getting Kidd and Ash. As Kidd gets "eaten", she releases both her Weavile. Lucario desperately tries to free himself, but it stunned by Registeel. Ash releases Phanpy and Swellow and tells Pikachu to look after the others and that he loves him. Pikachu, desperate to save Ash, grabs onto his hand, and is assisted by Grovyle and Phanpy as Meowth, Swellow and Corphish can only look on horrifed by what's happening to Ash. Lucario manages to free himself from Registeel's grip and hurries to help, but it's too late. Ash is gone as the blob slips into the ground. Ash's Pokémon, devastated by their loss, begin to cry. Lucario watches this, appearing hurt by the loss as well.
Mew sees how upset Pikachu is from losing Ash and flies up, touching a crystal. It begins to glow green, as well as every crystal in the area. It appears as Mew is performing the healing spell the Tree is capable of. Soon the blobs, now green, form up into mounds and dissolve away, leaving their victims behind alive and well just where they had taken them. all happily greeted by their Pokémon. As Ash is also released from the blob, Pikachu jumps into his arms and quickly followed by Ash's other Pokémon, all overjoyed to have him back. Kidd also has a happy reunion with her two Weavile. The Regis walk off, not seeing them as a threat anymore. Meowth tells Ash that Mew communicated to the Tree and was able to convince it the humans weren't a threat. Ash thanks Mew for saving them, but Mew is now very weak. Suddenly all of the crystals become red in color. Kidd picks Mew up, finding out that Mew is hot to the touch. Meowth hears James's voice nearby and hurries off unnoticed. Kidd's boss says that the immune system has gone into shock and whole tree has gone unstable. Kidd tells Ash that Mew and the Tree and connected and if the Tree is destroyed, Mew will certainly die. The crystals also begin to blacken and crumble, the place is collapsing, and fast! Ash gets his Pokémon back inside their Poké Balls and, with no time to lose, Mew helps him and Kidd find the core room where they could use Mew to restore the Tree. The problem is that they do not know how to restore the Tree, and Mew is very weak to do anything. Lucario looks to the side and notices that there's a ghost, which turns out to be Aaron!
Lucario doesn't understand why Aaron is here, but his gloves are left on another formation nearby. Ash finds a Time Flower next to the core and runs up to it to activate it. When the pod opens up, it displays the scene as Aaron comes in. Ho-Oh also comes in, revealing itself to be Mew. They watch as Aaron begins delivering his Aura, to Mew, the only energy that would suffice. Mew stores the power and once enough has been stored, goes to the core to begin the restoration. But at the end, they see Aaron tumble and fall, looking quite different, and the scene ends. Lucario realizes that Sir Aaron did not abandon the kingdom, but in fact sacrificed himself to save it and that he is truly the hero everyone believes him to be. Lucario is filled with guilt for doubting his master, but realizes that the power of the Aura can restore the Tree. Lucario, seeing how he can utilize the Aura that Aaron can, declares he'd be the one to do it. Lucario goes up to Mew and begins transferring energy, but is soon pulled back. He realizes he's not strong enough yet to deliver the energy needed! Ash remembers that Lucario mentioned he had the same Aura as Aaron, and can control it as well. He puts on Aaron's gloves, which help channel the energy. Kidd tries to stop Ash, telling him he'd be sacrificing himself, but Ash is knows that if the Tree isn't saved Mew and all the other Pokémon living in the tree will die. Both Lucario and Ash begin channeling energy into Mew. It begins to work as Mew stores up the energy both are putting into it. As time passes and they channel more energy, it begins to strain them however at the last second Lucario pushed Ash out of the way, telling him not to worry but that the Aura is with him. Once the energy channeling was complete, Mew swiftly moved to the energy core of the Tree, the stored energy releasing a green light like the same light from the years ago. The crystals turn green and emit bright beams of light across the land, saving the Tree and all the Pokémon.
After Mew completed the healing process, Kidd confers with Banks if the Tree is stable, and he affirms that everything is normal. In another part of the Tree, Jessie and James sadly resign themselves to being losers again, but they're interrupted by Meowth approaching who has a happy reunion with his friends as Cacnea and Chimecho look happily on. Back in the core of the Tree Lucario stumbles down, exhausted from what he has done, in the same condition as Aaron when he collapsed. Lucario's hand bumped into a Time Flower, activating it. This time it was Aaron as he sat there, saying his last words. He tells Lucario that he only sealed him up because he knew Lucario would follow him no matter what otherwise. He also says that Lucario was not his servant, but his partner and friend. Lucario sobbed a bit and smiled at that, understanding now Sir Aaron's sacrifice. He thanked Ash for showing him the same friendship Aaron provided. Lucario then disappears (no matter if it's a human or a Pokémon, giving up all of one's Aura results in their death) and, along with Aaron's crystallized form, two spirits floating up to the sky. Kidd and Ash step outside to see that things are well, but they didn't see Lucario. Kidd gets in touch with Banks, who tells Kidd that she will make a fortune from the information she's gathered, but Kidd decides not to publish this adventure, knowing the Tree would be ruined by tourists to which Banks reluctantly agrees. Ash reflected upon how valuable a friendship really is, especially between a Pokémon and a human.

Lucario with Ash before dying
Ash and company take a cable car down. Along the way they see Kidd packing up her Humvee and leaving. Back in the cable care, Brock bawls over his "loss" of seeing Kidd leave. The tapestry in the castle showing Aaron holding up his scepter has changed; it now shows Lucario, Aaron's partner and friend, standing beside him. Kidd explores Forina, while right behind her are Butler and Diane tending to a farm. Ash and company take a visit to another city while above in their balloon are Jessie, James, and Meowth trying one of their attempts to get Pikachu, but end up in a mess as Meowth slips from the balloon. Bonsly remains with Mew at the Tree of Beginning, both of them thrilled to have found a friend. In what would appear to be the afterlife, Aaron and Lucario stand together when Aaron unexpectedly offers Lucario some chocolate before walking into the distance. Ash and his friends meanwhile continue their journey through the Kanto region, ready to face any challenges that may await them.

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