Kamis, 19 November 2009

Final Fantasy VII: Last Order

 The world of Final Fantasy VII, called Gaia or simply the Planet, relies on the Lifestream, a green flow of spirit energy belonging to living creatures that had died in the past, for survival. As such, the Lifestream is known as the lifeblood and spirit of the Planet itself. Previously, the Planet had been inhabited by the Cetra, but they were almost completely destroyed, partly due to Jenova, an extraterrestrial entity that crashed onto the Planet and began infecting the Cetra. The Cetra believed in the Promised Land, a place where one felt truly happy and complete. For the Cetra, the Promised Land was when they "returned to the Planet;" to die and have their spirit join the Lifestream. The Planet becomes threatened by the megacorporation Shinra Electric Power Company, which extracts the Lifestream to use as a source of energy and to manipulate the strength and abilities of their paramilitary. The Lifestream is extracted through Mako reactors, which are placed in several locations on the Planet. Those who are infused with Mako make up the military unit known as "SOLDIER". Members of SOLDIER are known to be stronger than normal humans and have eyes bearing a distinctive glow. Sephiroth, considered the strongest member of SOLDIER and admired by many, is sent to investigate a Mako reactor in a secluded town called Nibelheim. He is accompanied by Zack (another SOLDIER) and two grunts, one of which is Cloud, whose hometown is Nibelheim. Whilst there, Sephiroth spends most of his time reading in the Shinra Mansion, which had previously been used by the Shinra scientist Hojo to conduct his experiments. Through Hojo's log books, Sephiroth comes to learn of his past, in which he was injected with Jenova's cells during the fetal stage. However, the scientists who unearthed Jenova mistakenly thought it was a Cetra, causing Sephiroth to believe he was the last one

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