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Samurai Deeper Kyo

 Underlying the principle story arc of Kyo's search to reclaim his body, there are many smaller arcs, each leading to the next one. The basis of many later revelations are established many volumes in advance. In the manga, it is revealed that all of the Mibu, except for Kyo, are descendants of "Battle Dolls", creatures created by the Mibu to fight for their amusement. In time, the Battle Dolls come to believe they were the real Mibu, and that the real Mibu were destroyed by in fighting. The extant Mibu are gradually being killed by the "Disease of Death". Muramasa's sister was the first to be killed by the Mibu Disease, but others soon followed. The disease manifests itself when the infected person reaches a certain age. For this reason, the aging process has been stopped in Antera, Tokito, and probably others.

  1. Road to Armageddon
  2. Wanted (Dead or Alive) Man
  3. Red Mirage
  4. Sneaking Nightmare
  5. The Assassin's Tears
  6. The Duel of Hibiya Bay
  7. Keichou Battle Royal
  8. Demon Spear Cries
  9. A Blind of Smiles
  10. Cold-Blooded Illusion
  11. Pitch Black Flashback
  12. The Boy Who Came from the Deep Forest
  13. The Crossing Souls
  14. The Return of Satan
  15. Our Friend, Red Tiger
  16. Perfect Victory
  17. The Secret Talk of the Ladies
  18. The Nurse Devil
  19. Thunderbolt Attack
  20. Absolute Zero is Far
  21. The Hellish Mibu Castle
  22. Clockwork Doors
  23. Passionate Ecstasy
  24. Last Muramasa Awakening
  25. That Which Surpasses a Tachyon
  26. The Ballad of the Samurai


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